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Skilled nursing at Sombrillo

When someone in your family has a serious health issue, you want to get the best skilled nursing care possible. Sombrillo Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a state-of-the-art nursing facility in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Overlooking the stunningly beautiful Pueblo Canyon, Sombrillo makes it possible for you or your loved one to receive top quality care close to home, surrounded by the family and friends--the people who care most--not alone and two or three hours away.

Patients come to Sombrillo for conditions such as...

. Stroke and cardiac recovery
. Pain management
. Wound and complex medical care
. Enteral therapy
. Diabetes care
. Tracheotomy care 
. IV therapy.

Our Rehab-to-Home unit also accommodates short-term rehabilitation for illnesses and injuries. And in either case, we can arrange for services such as dental care, optometry and hearing care, podiatry, X-ray and lab work, mental health services, and dialysis. But that's just the beginning.

Our residents enjoy bright, home-like sitting rooms, gardens and lounges, as well as soothing aquariums and aviaries. Something else: at Sombrillo, we build our routine around yours, not the other way around. So we learn about your hobbies, your preferences--then we build our adult recreation programs around you. You'll find delicious meals like you might expect at your favorite restaurant, too, with menu surprises throughout the week...all served on festive dining ware. You see, at Sombrillo, we take your care you won't have to!