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It is natural to think it’s better to stay at home than live in a community home, but that may not be ideal. Having in-home care, even around the clock, doesn’t necessarily equate to high-quality life. Here are some benefits you or your loved one can expect at Sombrillo or Aspen Ridge Lodge:


We want you to maintain the highest level of personal autonomy and independence, for as long as possible. Our experienced, caring professionals can help facilitate that independence.


Sometimes at home it’s easy to fall into the pattern of “same old, same old” when it comes to nutrition. And that can be dangerous, especially if it leads to lack of interest and appetite. Our meals aren’t just good for you. They’re good! And we promise you’ll never get bored with our widely varied menu.

Social Life

As you or your loved one gets get older, the worst enemy isn’t disease or poor health. It’s isolation. We offer regular exercise and opportunities for social interaction every day of the week.


We provide transportation to doctors’ appointments, errands, and other scheduled activities.


You shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining a household. Been there, done that. We’ll take care if it for you.

Medical Care

Depending on the required level of care, we provide medical care from the skilled level (Sombrillo Nursing & Rehabilitation Center) to medication assistance (Aspen Ridge Lodge)—and 24-hour emergency care is just a push button away.
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